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New stuff arrived // Trouble with the Deutsche Bahn // Maddy day

Konnichiwa princesses,

today I met my sister in Düsseldorf before our flight to japan ^----^.
We had of course we great time. 
Before we met, I had a little bit of trouble in the train with the ticket inspectors... >....< !!!
I hate it so much. I'm always so nervous when ticket inspectors are in the train. Thats so funny because I always have a ticket. Unfortunately today my ticket was not okay T__________T.. and my first thought was "OMG... noooooo!!" But I only had to go to the train service at düsseldorf central station. There they told me I had to pay 2,50 Eur. I was like "WTF why"? I didn´t forget my ticket.
The problem was that I paid for the right ticket and they have confirmed this at their service points, but the Deutsche Bahn sent me a wrong ticket >....< !! I've been using this one for over one year now >__<
Since they couldn't help me at Central Station, they sent me to their next service point, near the Immermann street and they could finally help me. Ohh myyy good, what a day. 
After that the day got better. I met Maddy at central station and we went together to OCS.
Here are my favorite Purikura ^---^:

Then we both went a little bit shopping in Düsseldorf and had a bite at McDonalds. Yeaahh McDonalds again. I only went to McDonalds, because I the two other Jewel Pets. *O*
Here are some funny pictures from today ^-----^

McFlurry Kit Kat

 Here are my achievements from today: 
First Maddy gave me a present *O*!! A Kuromi for my iPhone *O*!! Thanks sooo much sweetie !!
Wahhhhh!!! Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper from a gashapon machine.. I can´t belive my luck!! I wanted them both!!!

A sweet Pony from Tokidoki I bought in Cafe Tokio <3

My missing Jewel pets ^---^
Awwww a My little Pony bracelet! kawaiii

 Ohh myyyy goooood!! My package from Naomi arrived today!!
I´m so so so so so happy!!!! I never was so happy about receiving a package!!
Why? My first orginal Jesus Diamante coat was inside!!
I´m so proud!!! 

And also a Liz Lisa Babydoll, it is soo cute !!!

Todays coord, sorry for the bad pictures, but honey was at work so I took them with my iPhone:
Shirt, Bow, Bag: Ma*rs
Skirt: Kult
Tights: Calzedonia
Boots: Street
Jacket: Sisters
Necklace: Jesus Diamante

Okay that was all for today ^------^
Byyeee Byeee

 Byeeeee ^---------^v


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