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My new Tattoo

Hello princesses,

today was my appointment for my new tattoo.
I was so nervous before this.
I couldn´t sleep at night... >.......< !!! I was a little bit afraid, because my first tatto at my feet was so painful.
But I really want this new tattoo.
First we picked my my little sister Maddy, since I wanted her to come with me and make a tattoo, too. ^^. 
Art & Body Tattoo in Cologne

Inside the studio ^---^

Maddy and me <33
I decided to place my tattoo on my neck. I think this is a good place, since I can hide it if I want. ^---------^.
It is nothing special or a big tattoo, but for me it is very important.

It´s the letter "M" and a ♥. The "M" stands for "Maddy / Madeleine", my little sister.
She is one of the most important people in my life. I never want to lose her. I can´t decribe how much I love her. She wants to have a tattoo made,too. She will use an "A" for Alina. 
Originally she wanted to make her tattoo under her ear,  but my tattoo artist doesn´t make her a tatto at this place. He said it is too dangerous and she should think about it as she is still a young girl. Now she will make her tattoo at another tattoo studio.
The tattoo artist is Binh's uncle <3<3<3 Thanks soo much <333 Check his page <----click<3
I´m so surprised and also of course happy ^-----^ <3

Here you can see the first sting....

Maddy held my hands all the time. Maddy I love you so much<3

And here the final result.
I love this tatto so much <3

My simple coord:
Dress: H&M
Boots: Jumex
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Jesus Diamante


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