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Maren's Birthday Pyjama Party

Hello princesses,

how are you and how was your weekend? I hope fine ^----^.
I want to talk about my saturday ^----^.
First Laura and me went to Krefeld city to meet Laura-3 there xD. 
She made an awesome Ma*rs / Hime style necklace and bracelet for me and wanted to give it to me. 
Laura-1, Laura-3 and me <33

So went all together in a small cafe called "Schlösser" in Krefeld. 
Laura-3 recommended us this cafe and it was sooo awesome! I fell in love with this little cafe.
They had white hot chocolate with strawberry topping. I ordered it togehter with a cookie.
And it was soo good. 

After that we went al little bit through Krefeld and went to an Orsay, because Laura-3 wanted to show me a very beautiful Maxi dress in Liz Lisa style. I love this dress, but unfortunately I've already exchanged all my money into Yen >...<!!!
But here's a picture of me wearing it *O*!!!

After this we went to Marens ^----^<333 and Anhn Binh's place because Maren celebrated her birthday party this saturday. It was awesome! We had soo much fun.
And the best thing: It was a pajama party ^----^-<3.
So all our girls came in pajamas XDDDD. We talked, ate a lot and watched  the funny horror movie X cross, where a lolita played in. I love this epic movie. ^----^v
It was a legendary party, thanks so much .
And again :

Here some of our funny pictures from that evening ^-----^<333
Svenja and me <333
Laura-2 and Binh ^^
Waahhhh *O*!! Svenja wore her Liz Lisa nightwear dress. It is so pretty!!!
Okay xD!! Ina and me, what´s going on?? XD
Ina + her boyfriend <3
Nina, me and Laura <33
Ninas pon pon tail vs. Maren´s Pikachu tail
This is the best picture ever Nina!!! hahahahaha!!!

May chan in Hello kitty pajama!! <333
Moustache!! Nina, Svenja, me Laura and Ina XDDDD
legendary group picture! The girlgroup in pajama!!!! Laura, Svenja, Laura 2, me, Ina, Nina, MAren

At 00:00 o clock we congratulated Maren <333

Okay that was all <333
Lots of Love


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