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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
I live in Germany
I love japanese fashion especially with Swankiss ꒰๑❛▿❛ ॢ̩꒱.
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
♡Saaya♡,♡Mimi♡,♡Hikapu♡ and ♡Suzunyan(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ).
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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Day with my Girlgroup // new brand stuff

Hello princesses,
how was your weekend? I hope fine ^------^v. 
First I want to show you my Facebook page, if you want you can like it and follow me on the facebook page,too ^------^<333 

Click here <----- Sui´s Facebook 

Yesterday I met my girls in Düsseldorf and of course I had to oversleep in the morning and we came a little bit too late as a result >.....< !!!
I´m such a scatterbrain... I´m so sorry, but next week we have a new lolita meetup *I´m so happy*  I promise that we will not come to late. xD
So we all met at OCS in Düsseldorf. Some of us took their first Purikura and I bought the new Ageha. 
I also saw the new pPopteen with Tsubasa Masuwaka on it and really want to buy it. I love the new Popteen cover.
I looks like spring *O* !!
In the end I didn´t buy it because I have to save my money for Japan, it is only 3 weeks from now *O*!!!
I can´t decribe how happy I´m about this!!
So after this we all went together to Pizza Hut. Our favorite restaurant in Düsseldorf. 

Nina, Laura 3, Svenja, Maren, Laura 2, May, Laura, me, Lötti

Laura and me XDD!!

Lötti, Laura and me <333
Ina and Anh Binh xDDD
May and Svenja <33
Laura 3 and me. She came with Svenja and told me she also is a big fan from Himena. Look we were coat twins *O*
All in the Puribox again, we wanted to take Purikura again xD
One of the Purikura <333
Laura 2 and Nina <3333
hahahaha this is so epic!! Ina and May <33
This was my outfit:
Coat, Dress, Bag : Ma*rs
Cardigan: DreamV
Shoes: Jumex
Tights: H&M

 Ohhh yeah and a lot of new stuff arrived <33333
First I want to show you the new Ageha cover which I received yesterday, and My Little Pony clips for hair. I want to make a ring from the pony clips ^----^

My new Liz Lisa Bag I bought from Gyaru sales <--- click
A super cute new iPhone case in pink. It´s a ghost. ^-------^ From ebay
New black flat boots from Claires, I bought from ebay <33

Super cute white boots from Nadine. It was a present *O* ! Thanks soo much <3333
pink Liz Lisa dress also from Gyaru sales <--- click
A new Bag from Jesus Diamante from closet child <---click

Okay that was all for today *O* <3333333
Lots of Love 


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