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New Hime nails // Thanks everyone! // A day with my sister

Hello princesses,
first I really really thank all who wrote lovely comments and mails in this postThis is a huge motivation for me to continue my style and my blog!
I really could cry if I read this comments. I never thought that there were so many people who like me and this blog. So THANKS for this!!!!!
I love to blog for you <3
Thank you for the positive valentine this week, too ;__; <3<3<3 I already saved it on my computer <3

Monday was holiday in Germany. I visited my good friend Jessy and she made Hime nails for me
They are so cute and I love them, but now, it´s so hard to style your hair, do make up or something XD.
I need to learn do do all those things with longer nails again xD!!!
Here pictures from my new nails *O*

Yesterday I met my younger sister in Düsseldorf ^--^.
I´m so happy to spend time with her. She is a best friend and my sister in one person. And she is a big Hello Kitty / Sanrio fan, too *hehe*
We talk a lot and laugh all the time everytime time we see each other.

First we took Purikura together. Unfortunately, the better machine is out of order>.<!
But well, Puri is Puri right XD!!! 
Later in the evening I met my honey and we took purikura,too:
My favorite one XD:

We bought something small at the OCS: a bento box box from Kuromi, and my sis a small blog from Sentimental Circus ^.^<3 She gave me two sheets ^^.

My box:

My sis with her mobile phone

Our shoes XD

In the train #1 ^^

In the train #2 ^^
We ate something at Don, a japanese restaurant. It was very delicious*O*

My sis wanted to take this photo of me and my nails xDDD
Then we have to wait of her train at the BQBQ. This time she must go home earlier, because the next day, she is writing a class test in english and she wants to learn a little bit more ;_;!! So I wish her good luck !!!

Finally my outfit from that day:
Hairbow, skirt, bag: Jesus Diamante
Top, Shoes: La Pafait
Tights: H&M
Cardigan: Kult
Necklace: Ebay, present from Himegyarugeisha ^^

P.S: look what my good friend Diane send me per e-mail 
I was so happy when I saw the mail <3. Diane you are so cute and such a nice person! Thank you <3

 PPS: I have a sales post, take a look if you like ^---^<33<3

That's it for today :)
I wish you a nice day / evening.

SuiPrincess <3


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