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Sabi's Masked Ball B-Day Party // new Ageha

Hello princesses,

how was your weekend? Now it´s over ;__; !!!
I hope you had as much fun as I had <3.
On Friday evening a good friend Nadine (aka Asu) visited me. 
She stayed overnight, because we planned to go to a birthday party in Stadtlohn  on saturday together  ^--^<3 When we dressed up for the masked ball the slogan for the birthday party, we decided to go to Düsseldorf to take purikura.
That was a great idea ^--^. We met some other friends from Nadine there, too. ^--^<3.
And I got my new Ageha *yeahh*.
Here some pictures we took for you and the purikura:
Nadine with a nerd glasses xDDDDDDD
In the mirror <3


After that we went to Stadtlohn. We drove 1,5 hours, but that was okay. 
We had a lot of fun in the car and sang Katy Perry songs XD!!!
This is typically Nadine and me *hehe* 
Now some photos from the masked ball:
Nadine, Sabi and me

without mask xD

so cute, a Hello kitty style mask <333

Sabi opening her presents - so cute <3
XD omg me as Barney poser XDD

And here's my new Ageha xD. Himena is on the cover!! Yeah congratulations!!

Click to enlarge, Himena is sooo cuute eas a child  <3<3<3
 I want to try this hairstyle, I love it <3

Oh before I forget: Nadine gave me my birthday present* yeahhh*.
Thanks soo much honey!! I love it so much <33
All was in this cute bag <33

Ribbon, twinkle shoes <3<3<3

So finally my outfit: 
Dress, cardigan, shoes, headbow and bag: Jesus Diamante
Necklace: From Sian <3- Himegyaru geisha <33
Mask: Small shop in cologne
Tights: Accessorize

Okay that's it for today,
Bye Bye
SuiPrincess <3<3<3<3<3


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