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Rainy days in Cologne // Japanese restaurant Nikko

Hello princesses,
today I spent my day with my honey in Cologne. 
Maybe you remember I´ve got a H&M coupon from my friends for my birthday. 
So today I bought some things at the H&M store with the coupon \(^ ^)/.
Check out what I bought there later in this post  ^^.
The weather was so horrible today. All the time, it's just rain, rain and before I forget, more rain >-< !!!
So we went a little bit through some stores in Cologne like H&M, Tally Weijl, Jane Norman, Saturn a.s.o 
Here some photos we took ^---^. I was trying on some clothes XD
For 8 Euro at Jane Norman, I like it ^^

For 10 euro at Jane Norman, It´s so Katy Perry like ^^

Maybe for our next horror photoshooting: Chains XD? !!

Then we ate something small at Dunkin Donuts ^---^<33. It´s sooooo delicious !!
I love the strawberry- vanilla Donut ^---^<333.

After shopping we went to a small japanese restaurant in Cologne, called Nikko ^--^. 
It was so sweet there. 
I really liked the ambience ('-^*)/. The food was fantastic and the waitresses were very friendly!!
Here some pictures and what we ate there: 

For our hands, before start eating ^^

Karaage <3<3<3 For honey and me <3

Tanuki- soba <3<3<3 This was mine

Tonkatsu <33 This was from Binh


Here what I bought  with the H&M coupon:^^
New tights wir ribbons awwww~ I love them

Little Twin Stars plasters<3<3<3

Hair Flower accessory, finally I bought them. I looked for these Flower in so many H&M´s ^^.
And I bought two things in Tally Weijl:
Key necklace

Finally white underknee boots!! Now I have boots in white, black and pink !! Winter can come XD

And my outfit from today
Dress: Liz Lisa
Coat: Tralala
Shoes: DreamV (Jesus Diamante replica) 
Tights: Accessorize
Cardigan: Jesus Diamante
Bag: Ma*rs
Hair accessories: selfmade by Svenja 

Okay Byee Byee
See you tomorrow <3<3<3
Lots of love Sui chan <33

P.S: Also check my new sales post here, if you're interested: Click<3<3<3


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