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My Top 10 Japanese Ameba Gyaru Blog inspirations

Hello princesses,
today I want to share my favorite ameblo blogs with you. 
I found 10 interesting Gyaru blogs and want to share them with you <3<3<33.
They are a big inspiration for me <3<3<3
I hope you like them.
So enjoy them <3. (All pictures were from their blogs)

Nr. 10: Cute Gal Mama blog. http://ameblo.jp/pink06-ribbon11 <---
This is a super cute blog from a Gyaru mama. She posts a lot of outfits from her and her kids. 
It´s so kawaii ^---^<3

Nr. 9: I love her outfit´s so much.  http://ameblo.jp/himetootaa/
She wears Agejo and a lot of Tutuha style. It´s amazing. 
I really enjoyed looking at her blog ^^.

Nr 8: Is from this cute girl. I found this blog very interesting and varied. http://ameblo.jp/masitaro/
I love her sweet smile ^--^<3.And she loves La Pafait, too <3

Nr 7: Is this girl. She has so awesome pink hair. Maybe you know her from the Ageha magazine. 
She was in two or three or more Ageha issues. http://ameblo.jp/milky-way0714/
I think she loves Ma*rs and punk style ^^.

Nr. 6: Is Miku´s blog. She is very cute and I talked with her a few times ^..^ http://ameblo.jp/mitanblog0919/
She is a Ma*rs girl, too <3<3 I love her Purikura <3

Nr. 5: Mhh... let´s think about it.. ameblo.jp/arimaofish/oh yes is this girl. She is often in the Ageha, too. 
I love her blog. She is really cute and I love her pretty face.

And here is my Nr 4:. http://ameblo.jp/canasan/. You have to add her as a Ameblo friend, because a lot of her posts are only open for friends. 
But her hair is awesome!! Really!! And she has a cute baby <3<3<3<3

Nr.3: Is this cute girl. She posts often about her Pullip dolls. I love it. http://ameblo.jp/pinocochocobo/
Take a look <3<3<3 A plus is also her frequently posting purikura *yeah*

So Nr2: Is my friend Kyoko's blog.http://ameblo.jp/pinkdolly0216/ She is an awesome Hime gal. I met her when I was in Tokyo. 
She is soo kind and her outfits are always perfect !!!
She wears a lot of Jesus Diamante *O* <3<3<3
And my Nr1: is Moon princess Tiara. http://ameblo.jp/moonprincess-tiara/.
I love, love, love her blog and she posts a lot!! She has her own online shop with own self created hime accessory creations. Unfortunately she didn´t ship to Germany, only to japan

Okay I hope you like my ameba blog list. 
What are your favorite Ameba blogs?? 
Please post them in a comment ^---^<3<3<3<3 I´m happy about every new blog. 

Okay Bye Bye
SuiPrincess <3<3<3<3


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