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Sponsored: Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup review

Hello princesses,

finally a new review.
This time I want to show you some products from the awesome brand Rounge Bunny Rouge
I absolutely love this brand and I'm to more of their products!!!
You can buy them on Zuneta. They own website is currently under construction! Also check the Rouge Bunny Rouge Facebook page with Giveaway and contests <3

The box with my makeup and a letter ^-----^v The letter had an original seal from Rouge Bunny Rouge, it looks so elegant <3<3<3

Here you see all the stuff which was sent to me <3<3<3

I absolutely love the Rouge Bunny Rouge emblem <3<3<3 its so cute!

So first I want to show you the rouge.
The package from this rouge looked so fabolous, elegant and also playful.
Its a black casket with a beautiful white print with flowers. It came in a small box with the cute Rouge Bunny Rouge logo.
The casket is also very comfotable to hold in your hand while you do your makeup.
I normally used very cheap rouge and woow now I see the differences.
And this colour is also very beautiful and naturally! I got the colour Florita.
the name of this Rouge is: Rouge Bunny Rouge Orginal Skin blush- For Love Of Roses.
This colour is very beautiful on my pale skin and made it alive and fresh.
I love the taint of this Rouge.
It's also very long-lasting! I didn't have to reapply the whole day !! ^-----^v

Here you can see the rouge on my skin. It looks amazing *^*

Then I also got to review some loose Glitter Pigments- Fire Drops. You can use them as eyeshadow. 
They were from the collection Enchanted Garden (verzauberter Garten).
I received eight small cases with diffrent colours of glitter pigments.
The cases were so damn cute. They were also elegant black with the white emblem from Rouge Bunny Rouge.
The colours were:

-Eaten all the Cherries (Freudenschauer)*
-Caress of Mink (Ein Hauch von Nerz)
-Sleeping under Mandarin Tree (Sommer Lüfte)*
-Night Wind Sailing (Woge der Nacht)
-Spun from Sunny Seawater (Meeresrauschen)
-Embrace of Cashmere(Umhüllt von Kaschmir)*
-Wishing for Wings (Endlose Weite)
-Aqua Primer ( you need it for apply the glitter pigemnts on your eye)
All colours on my skin ...

 So first I use the colours Spun from Sunny Seawater, Caress of Mink, Night Wind Sailing and Wishing for Wings with my lighter makeup. 
The coloures matches all so perfectly together... 
And the shimmer is stunning....

without flash...
with flash
 On the second day I use the other colours * Eaten all the Cherries, Sleeping under Mandarin Tree and Embrace of Cashmere with my darker eye makeup.
So you can see the diffrent colour and how it looks on lighter and darker makeup ^^.<3
Without lashes <333

With flash...

Without flash.... but with lashes <3

It is really simple to put the pigments on your eye. You need a little bit from the Aqua Primer and then your favorite colour. Apply it with a small  brush on your eye.
All colours look fabulous. Some of them were a little bit stronger like "Spun frrom Sunny Seawater" but the most of them were more subtlelike "Sleeping under Madarin Tree".
I love them. And I really, really love the glittering effect on your eyes.
The lasting effect is exactly the same as the rouge. It lasts the whole day. And that is really amazing.
When I used this makeup it was very hot but didn´t hurt my makeup from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Also my cats love Rouge Bunny Rouge <3<3<3<3
Okay thats all you should definitely check the pages from Rouge Bunny Rouge! You won't regret it <3<3<3<3
I love you.
PS: Please do comment! Thank you <3



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