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Japan Expo 2012 (Part 2): Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert

Hello princesses,

woohooo here we go, to part 2 of my japan expo experience.
If you missed it, read my first part of the Japan Expo 2012.
I can say again and again it was such am amazing weekend which I'll never forget.
And I hope that next year I can visit the Expo, maybe a Teaparty from Baby the star shine bright, or Angelic Pretty again in Paris with my friends. ^^.
So but are here more pictures from the Expo:
Woooaaaa Mameshiba x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Accessories<33333

Here a original Kyary autograph but it was not for sale!!!

I really loved this cosplay from The Ring!!!

Derp ~ xD

My honey and me both in pink. Our outfits match <3

I love u <3

Because we are awesome ! xD

She is also one of my cute blogreaders <3<3<3<3<3

So so so much cute stuff <3

Me and a Black swan cosplay! Wooow!!! This was great!

Yeahh and I met also my cute reader Hina Lu <3 I really want to see her!! And Hina's outfit was so gorgeous!

Yeahh Sui meeting the french gals!!! They were so friendly and  cute <333 I was soo happy to meet them all <3 Love you gals you rock it ! Hope we'll see each other again!

So and then finally i saw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live! And the best: It was allowed to take pictures!!!
Awww~!!!! This was it! The best on that day! (and of course that I met Pastelbat *fangirl mode on*)
She is so cute and I love her voice! She inspires me and I love all her songs !
Kyary you rock it!!!
She sang the songs:
- Intro (from her album)
- Pon pon pon
- candy candy
- Kyary- Anan
- Tsukema Tsukeru
- Minna no uta

Kyary's Pamyu Pamyu concert pics

So what I bought at the Japan Expo

A cute Hime headbow from Holley Tea Time

A super cute iPhone case from My Melody <3333

Small plush My Melody

And somthing at the 6%Doki Doki /Kyary pamyu booth<3<3<3<3
Okay thats all. And here a random pic later after the Expo in our hotel xD


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