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Last day in Paris: Visiting Versailles (Part 1) - No entrance in Lolita!?

Hello princesses,

Sunday was unfortunately our last day in Paris. T^T
The weather was okay so we decided to visit Versailles.
When I was in Paris in 2010 I also really, really wanted to visit Versailles but we didn´t have the time to visit.
So I was really exited. Finally I would see Versailles in Lolita *O*!!!
We all dressed up in Lolita, wore Rose Toilette. The classic version of Lolita.
In my opinion it fits perfectly to Versailles.

All together in front of versailles <3<3<3
BUT we weren't allowed to enter. Neither in the garden nor in the palace.
For my opinion this is discrimination!
I was very disappointed but, luckily we were prepared.
Some lolitas told us before, that sometimes you have luck and get in, but the most of the Lolitas we asked had the same problem and weren't permitted to enter in Lolita or with very conspicuous clothing.
I really don´t understand that. I do understand that if you visit a church or an holy place to show respect.
But Versailles isn´t a holy place or I am wrong?
This is only fashion - no it is fashion which fits perfectly to Versailles.
Marie Antoinette lived there! But well. I couldn´t do anything so we changed our clothes on the parking place in front of Versailles. xD
How many of you can say that they've changed clothes in front of Versailles XDDD!
Then we were allowed into the palace. The entry was for free when you're under 26 ! *Strike*!
And I really can recommend it. If you are in Paris you should visit Versailles. It is breathtakingly beautiful! 

Me in front of a picture of Marie Antoinette <3<3<3<3<3

Isn´t it amazing??

More pictures in my second Part. ^.....^<3<3<3

Today's first outfit

Dress, Headdress, Socks: Angelic Pretty
Bag, Necklace: Jesus Diamante
Shoes: SS

Today's changed outfit

Skirt/Pants: Liz Lisa style (offbrand)
Shirt: From my Boyfriend xD
Necklace: Jesus Diamante and Vivienne Westwood
Bag: My Melody Vivitix
Headbow: From my friend Ina
Shoes: Teaparty Style shoes -Antaina



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