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I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
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Roadtrip with my friends to Paris // Visiting the Eifeltower

Hello princesses,

How are you?? I hope your weekend was fine.
As you maybe know I spent my weekend in Paris. And it was a awesome weekend with my beloved friends Laura and Ina and of course my Boyfriend Binh <3.
We had so much fun together !
Sorry that I haven't updated when I was in Paris, but it was very hectical there >...<!
But here my first day ^^. We started our roadtrip on Friday moring ^^.
And honey bought a new camera lens for his camera. I lovveeee it soooo much !!! It´s a fisheye lens!!!
Soo cute this pic was taken with the fisheye

The first stop in France ^----^

I bough this nougat and rose drops in France^^

We arrived in the rain in Paris >.......<!!!!!

Our hotel room. <3

And this was our scary floor!!! It looks like in a horror movie and it was always dark .... *ghost mode on* wooohuuuuu

So we arrived in the evening and wanted to visit the Eifeltower and we went with out car to it.
It was a very nice and scary experience to drive with the car in Paris.
And it was a little bit dangerous!!! They drive all so fast and carelessly.
But we arrived safely and even found a free parking place ^---- ^
Here some pics which Ina took with Binhs camera during the drive through Paris:

All world times....

Kawaiiii <333

So then at the Eifeltower ^----^<333

Tourist mode XDDD

What a super cute dog, is it an Akita ??

Paris snap of the day xD

Laura, ina and me in front of the Eifel tower ^^

Fisheye <3333
Streetsnap in Paris. This girl looks soo amazingly stylish!! *O*!!!

Today's outfit

very casual!!
Dress: Ma*rs
Skirt/pan: Liz Lisa style
Shoes: Tea Party stlye shoes
Cardigan: Ma*rs
Necklace: JD
Bag: My Melody vivitix
Eyeball bow: 666 kreepsville

Love, SuiPrincess


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