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Ageha July Hime Gyaru round-up // Shopping trip // Ma*rs outfit

Hello princesses,

how are you all <33?? I hope fine^,,,,,^
Soo ~ well, on last Thursday I met one of my best friends Ina in düsseldorf and we went shopping.
It's sale time and I loves sales!!
We wanted to refresh our closets xD!!!
Later we went to my favorite restaurant Pizza Hut and ate Cheese crust *God best Pizza ever!!!*
We took a lot of funny pictures with my iPhone and we made a big shopping marathon xD.
But I found a lot of nice clothes.

Bad quality this pic. But me with my new shirt. Yes, we share one clothing room xD

After big shopping in Gina Tricot ^---------^V

Ina without any joy... she just wanted to eat xDDDDD

Derp faces~ fishi fishi fishi....
Awwwwww~ this was a present from Ina to me T^T !! My Melody hairclip and smarties

My buys:

The black blouse which I wore in a pic above^^

My favorite shirt !!

This "New York" shirt is my favorite shirt ever. The reason is, I saw a similar one a few days before from Listen Flavour. Here's the orginal which I saw...I know the original is much prettier. But it's only a every day shirt for me so it´s ok ^^
Pic from original Listen Flavour shop

But I know the original is 100000 % better XD but well... -.-
money, money, and money ....
Our Purikura <33333
New Ageha !!! <333

Here follows a small summary of the Hime Gyaru outfits inside the Ageha from August 2012. I will try to post this every month where I collect the best hime pics from the Ageha to share them with you.
Some of the outfits look more casual and other ones for bigger events.
But more inspiration for you Princesses ^--------------------^v <3
I know that not all of you can buy the Ageha, so I will show you some hime parts ^----^

 Today's outfit

Babydoll: Ma*rs
Cardigan: Btssb
Skirt / Pants: Liz Lisa style
Hairclips, Bag: My Melody /Sanrio
Shoes, Necklace: Jesus Diamante

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