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Gaijin inspirations: Part 3

Hello princesses,

yeah It is time again for Gaijin inspirations Part 3.
As you already, I will post my gaijin inspirations from time to time.
If you want to check my older post here is my fashion Inspiration post part 2 <-- and here fashion Inspiration post part 1 <---  <3
This were all inspirations with amazing style Gyaru, fairy kei, hime, lolita aso... I mixed all xD
So let´s start!

So the first girl is Emilia alias Pastelbat! <---  tumblr
 Her Facebook <--<3; Her blog <-- <3
She is from Sweden and so amazing and I love, love, love her style. She wears Pastel goth /Spooky Cute, Lolita and sometimes Gyaru *O*.
She is soo cute and I'm always inspired by her outfits.
thanks so much for this <3333

Then the second girl is from Spain.
Her name is Chelsea. She is an amazing Gyaru! And she is very friendly to me <333
I love her pretty face and she often makes funny pics!
Girl you rock so much !!
The next girl is also from Spain and a good friend from
Chelsea<3 Her name is Andrea . I love her style,too <333.
I always love all her perfect pictures *O*


Both together, really cute <3
Then I want to show you a very beautiful girl, Ayu from Finlnad *O* She often wears Hime Gyaru*O* <33
I really love her style here on her blog.
She has awesome, big hair!!! I wish I could know her secret *O* How she make her hair so big? *O*<3
And her coords are so damn inspiring for me. I hope that I can meet her one day in real life!!! 
But she should blog more often T___T

And last, I want to show you Lisa Leung aka CREEPYYEAH. *O* <3<3<3
She is a Chinese girl who lives in New York ^^
She has an awesome style. It is a mix of goth and princess. She loves combining sweetness with rawness That´s awesome. I really love her shop  she also has a tumblr and her outfits are stunning.

That´s all for today <3<3<3<3
I hope you like this post. Of course there will be a part 4 of my Gaijin inspirations post <3



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