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Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012

Hello princesses,

yeahhh finally the video for the winner from the Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012 was finished.
I have to thank LIGYARU / Lhouraii Li so much. She made this video and put so much effort in it *O*!!!!

First of all congratulations  from me to all who won in the awards. You deserve it ^----^<33.

I´m soooo damn happy I won in one category.
And for me it is the most important category, the Hime gyaru category*O*!!
Thank so so so~ much for all who voted for me *O* <3333
I´m so damn happy!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh~ 
That means a lot for me <3
Here the video: 
Oh yeah, this time I was one of the moderators xDD. I´m not a good moderator I know xD....



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