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Japan Day 2012 [Part 1]: Met many blog readers | Hime lolita outfit

Hello my sweet princesses,

last saturday was the Japan Day in Düsseldorf. The Japan Day is my favorite event of the year.
I love it. People and friends from all over come to seethe japanday and the including firework in the evening.
It´s a magic atmosphere. You can see Lolitas, Gyarus, Cosplayer and a lot of other japanese fans. I love it so much <3333333333
Here is what my last Japanday [<--- check it out] looked like. 
This year I also met my friends and we enjoyed the day together.
And I was really surprised that so many cute girls know me */////////*!
I was so happyyyy <3<3<3<3<3<3 I even received a small present from my blog reader Ino *O*<3<3<3<3
But here I want to show you some pictures:
I also met my cute sister Maddy at the Japan Day <333
Laura and me <333 Best friends forever <3<3<3<3
The super cute girl on the right was Verena with her friend. Verena knows me from my blog. <3<3<3<3
Awww, me greeting my friend Svenja <33
Miss Neko was also there and wanted to take a photo with me, she is so cute<33333
My super super blog reader Riina <3 She will make a big hairbow for me <3 She also created the one she's wearing.
And now the awesomenest pic ever! THIS HAIR IS HER REAL HAIR!! <3<3<3 kawaiiiiiiiiiiii~
XD Stupid face from Ina doll and me <333333333 I love u <333
The girlgroup <3<3<3<3Laura², Svenja, me, Laura³, Ina, Maren and Laura aka Clint ^^
With my Blog reader Eileen and May chan<3<3<3<3<3<3

It was so full but it was a lovely day <3
Here you see me with my present from Ino <3<3<3
We love HIME <3<3 Laura³ and me. She looked so stunning <3
Yeahh me with Petto Nya, Miri and Amy <3333 They were so cute girls and I love their lolita coords ^^
Derp photo from Lötti, Laura² and me xDDDDD
Awwwww and here you see my supercute blog reader Jenny, me and her friend <3<3<3
Okay that was my part one,
I really hope you like it ^^. In part two more pictures and a new outfit.
Yes I changed my outfit in the evening from the japanday... 


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