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Nature trip to the cave // Saw cute Alpacas

Hello princesses,

Awww~ this weekend was like holiday for us .
We visited my best friend Laura aka Clint at her home.
You remember old posts (here, here and here) that I sometimes visited laura ^^.
I love it to drive to her, it´s so relaxing and so much nature.
Since I live in a big city, there is almost no nature >---<!
First we ate cake and then we visited the Alpacas which live next to Lauras home.
Omg they were so damn, damn cute !! And they had little Baby Alpacas *O*!!!
Wooooow I want to steal them <3<3<3<3

xDDDDDDD what happend there? My real face muhahahhaa xDDDD

Laura and me <33 I love u<3

XDDDD on the way to the Alpacas

Here you see the baby Alpaca a little bit bigger. The mommy of the baby always wanted to hide it

After that we hiked a little bit through the forests and fields.
It was so much fun!! We worn wellingtons and then: Go! Or in German: Quer Feld ein! xDDD 
We also visited a cave.This cave is sooo scary. Nobody knows why it is there..
And inside of the cave is a course and a door ∑(O_O;) Shock!!
But don´t worry we didn´t want to go in, because it´s a little bit dangerous (danger of collapsing).
Inside was a lot of garbage and water, also. >.<" 

xDD not "Superman" , it´s "SuperSui"! XD Look, I'm carrying the whole stump xD

We looked into the cave.

wooaaahh *ghost sound on*

Omg we found an Alien !!! Ewwwww~

This was our way - really we went this way xD

In the evening we ate also together and watched two horror movies.
First "Cabin fever 2" and  "Them". They were okay but not, well staggering xD !! 
Maybe we've already seen too many xD
Our dinner <3

This is Laura's cat Sam <3

And this Laura's cat Luna <3

We watching horror movies xDDD

Today's outfit


Skirt & Shirt: H&M
Bows: My Melody
Shoes: DreamV
Cadigan: Sunshine city (Ikebukuro) 

Make up, unfortunately a little bit smudged at the front >--<




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