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Japan Day 2012 [Part 2]: Himena Ousaki cosplay// The Firework

Hello sweet princesses,

have you missed my first part? Read it here <3
yeah finally my part two from my japanday.
First of all I want to thank my friend Ina doll <-- soo soo soo much.
She made a big hair bow for me for my Himena Ousaki cosplay in the evening *O*<333
I love you so much darling. I wrote her if she could help me on something... well it was on Tuesday and she made in such a short time a beautiful big bow for me <3<3<3
You are awesome Ina <3 I LOVE YOU.

But more on that later in this post. Let me show you more pictures from the Japan Day first:
Yeahhh!! I met Jana <333 I love her so much and her coord awww I want to steal her *O*

<333333333333333 I love all these outfits and finally I could met Hoa<3
Here you see Nina's cute friend, Nina, Becca, Hoa and me <3

Yeahh Nina chan and me <333333

The whole group. I´m so happy to know so many cute lolitas *O*< 3

Yeahhhh I met my cute friend Maria <33 She is my lolita inspiration, and such a friendly person.
All together <3<3<3<3
Clint and me on the way to change our outfits......
Here my favorite pictures from my outfit from that day:
Hairbow: Jesus Diamante
Hairflower: Accessorize
Dress, socks: Angelic pretty
Cadigan, Necklace, Bag :Jesus Diamante
Shoes: La Pafait

sad doll....
My Makeup ^^
  And this  picture were taken by Becca aka Revelio <--

Here is my second outfit from the day:
My first Himena cosplay xD. And for this cosplay I needed a bow *O* <333333
Bow: Made by Ina
Dress: Liz Lisa
Necklace, Shoes: Jesus Diamante
And now, here's my version, I don´t like me smiling, so it is not exactly the same pic but I like it...

Our "casual" evening outfits ^^ <333
At the Firework ^^
A Bunnny <3<3<3<3<<3

Flowers <333
This looks like Dandelion.<3

That was all <333
I hope you enjoyed reading my Japan Day posts ^^-<3



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