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Winter Sale Shopping // Pizza Hut

Hello princesses,

at the moment probably every store in Cologne has sale!!
I´m so happy and so today honey and me went a little bit through Cologne in the evening
We wanted to eat something but we made a small shopping trip before that XD
Of course I toot some pictures for you with my iPhone. ^----^
Honey and me in the train <3<3<3
At Forever 18, I saw this cuuutee bag in leopard and black, but it cost 40 euro >----<
And in a small store in cologne they sell this Alpaca beanie *O*!!!!But the store was closed >-<
Me with my new pink boots, I bought them *hehe*
Then we were not sure what we wanted to eat. Actually, we wanted to eat Japanese at Akira, but we forgot they're closed on Mondays ;__; !!
We didn´t want to go to Bento box, since I´m not a big fan of that restaurant, so we decide to go to Pizza hut ^----^. We chose the evening special menu: starters, a drink and a pan pizza for each 10 euro. That´s ok ^^-<3
Binh's starters ^^
My starters <3

Binh is always happy when gets something to eat XD !
our Pizzas ^----^<3<3<3
So here is what I bought ^---^<3
Chanel Lipgloss at Douglas:

Me with the gloss, it´s so shiny and not too dark.
 Pink Boots at Forever 18:
Sooo cuttteee!!  Only 10€.

This shirt was on sale at Gina Tricot. Ina just bought the same one a few days ago. 
She bought it with me in Düsseldorf. I want it so much but they had only one shirt left.
This shirt looks like it is from Tutuha *O*!!!!!
Photo is from Ina

And finally this Mickey Mouse hat!! It´s soo cute. I found it in a small comic store in Cologne *O*

Chruch wearing the hat XDDD
me ^^
My outfit from today:
Coat: Dream V
Poncho/scarf: M&S (Oberhausen)
Dress, Carigan, Bag: Ma*rs
Hairbow: Jesus Diamante
Shoes: Jumex
Overknees: Ebay

 And a picture of my Eye makeup. 

Okay enough for today, 
kisses and hugs
SuiPrincess <3<3<3

 P.s I have some items for sale. Please take a look: HERE!! <--- Click ^.- 

 P.P.s look how my Megu looks like ^-----^She changed so much !!!


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