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Happy new chinese year with Binh's family

on saturday, honey and me went to Binh's aunt's to celebrate the new chinese year with his family.
In Vietman you say: Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!
It was very interesting to see his family again. 
I like his family so much. They are so nice to me every time when I see them.
We talked, laughed and ate together.
The food was so awesome. 
Then the motto from Binhs family is not "We eat to live" but "We live to eat" <3<3<3.
It was so delicious.
Binh's aunt's and his mother cooked so amazing. I get hungry again right now, when I think about this gorgeous food xD
Here some of the pictures we took. 
The food table *O*
I love, love, love this!!
Curry soup <3

Then after we ate together, it is a tradition that we as younger people gp to the aunts and uncles (and grandma+ grandpa) to wish them a Happy new year and all the good wishes for the new year. In return, you get a small present and of course good wishes, too. 
I love this picture from Binh and me <3

Binh's mum and me <3

The full family <3

Binh and me <3 Binh's uncle took this picture. Thanks so much for this <3

Unfortunately we couldn´t stay so long at Binhs family, because we had a date with Jana, Alex and Haru. 
But I can say it was so much fun. I will post for you about it tomorrow ^---^.
Starting from monday, I´m at a course from my work in Mettmann for three weeks.
I will try to blog for you as much I can ^---^. On the weekends, I will go home <3

My Outfit today
Dress Ma*rs
Haibow: Tralala
Necklace: Jesus Diamante
Shoes: Jumex
Bag: Angelic Pretty

In detail:
The hairstyle
and the fur at the dress *O*! It is detachable + my bracelets ^---^

So I wish you a nice rest today.

Lots of Love


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