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My day with my sister and Nadine // New Year's Eve

Hello princesses,
on friday I met my sweet sister Maddy and Nadine in Düssedorf. 
It was soo cold outside >---< !!!
Maddy and me wore a One Spo twin outfit, so we just had to take Purikura. ^..- <33

I look so bored on this Puri xD, but you can see the twin outfit here ^^
She also bought the same pullover <333. 
I love this pullover, but it is very uncomfortable to wear a jacker over it >----< !!
After that Nadine came to the OCS and we went together through Düsseldorf.
Then we went a little bit shopping and to McDonalds. We talked a lot. 
Maddy and Nadine are also friends ^---^. Maddy and me know Nadine for more than 7 years O.o
The time goes by so fast...
Here some pictures from that funny day:
All together
My food *O*
Me with my warm Milk tea bubble tea ^.- ...
A super cute and small dog. I want to steal her *O*!!!
Maddy and me <3
I only bought the new Ageha and Popteen ^---^.
I´m so happy that they arrive so fast at our OCS store.
There was an omake in the Ageha this time: Overknee socks with a pink bow ^^. 

My outfit: 
Pullover: One Spo
Skirt, boots: Tally weijl
Jacket: Ma*rs
Bag: Cat walk
Hat, Bambi choker: H&M

My New Year's Eve was so bad this year. I´m sick >--------------< !
So I spent all the day in my bed. 
I feel so horrible and hate this. ;_____; 
My original plan was to spend the day with my friends at Maren's place ;___;! I could cry... 
But well it´s better I stayed at home, otherwise my friends could become ill, too....
I only went out for 5 minutes after midnight to see the fireworks in front of our apartment. 
I hope your silvester was better than mine ^^
When I went out to see the firework

Okay Byee Byeee and a Happy New Year,


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