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The Lolita Meetup in Düsseldorf: Part 2

Hello princesses,

here is my part two from my saturday with my girls ^---^. 
After our small Lolita shooting we went straight to Pizza hut, because it´s was soo cold outside (around 3°C / 37°F) >.....< 
Recently we went to eat at Pizza Hut too often, so that I don´t wanted to eat Pizza XDD
But they also have salads, potatoes, pasta and a lot of other menus ^---^.
My younger sister Maddy was in Düsseldorf,too. 
And then we met for talking a little bit. We also took photos, butthey turned not so good XD.
In our car. Maren, Svenja and Laura drove with us ^-----^
Haha this picture of my sheep bag is soo cute ^----------------^and my girls in the background ..

All together <3

Ina and me with twin hair <33

Laura and Svenja <33. Svenja made this headdress by herself. A similar one will be available in my online store ^^
 After eating Maren and Anh Binh went home. We others went to the OCS to take Lolita Purikura.
It´s was very cheap, because we were such a big group ^---^.
Laura and Nina <3

XD Paranormal activity OCS? XD

Everyone in the Purikura machine <333
Here some of the Purikura ^---^
Looool !

Okay that was it ^^. 
I wish you all a good rest this Sunday <33
Please comment ^---------------^<33
Love you


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