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Some purchases // Lolita Meetup in Düsseldorf: Part 1

Hello princesses,

yesterday was one of the worst days in my life ;_________; !
But I don´t want to tell you about that... 
I orginally wanted to meet Shou and Thanh Thao, but something unexpected happend ;___; !
It was a bad, bad day for me ;___;!! Friday the 13th ... 

In the evening honey and me went to Cologne to cheer up a little bit and to buy new shoes for him. 
I didn´t take any photos, since I looked like shit >.< !!! (I cried...) 
I bought a new jeans and new shoes from the current sales here ^^.

For only 15 Euro at Humanic. Sazh loved this store XD!!

Now I will tell you about today ^---^.
Today was a much, much better day. My girl, aka "The Girlgroup" XD,  had a Lolita meetup ^...^.
After my bad Friday, I wasn´t really in the mood to go to the meetup. 
But then I changed my mind, because I really want to see my girls. As it turned out, this was a good decision !!
Now I feel so much better. We had so much fun !!
We wanted to have the meetup at in Düsseldorf Südpark, but then we made only a small photoshooting at a parking lot XDDD. It was soooooooo cold >.....<!! Really!!

Laura and Ina. The sign in the window says "I'm scared of normal people" XDD!

Maren and me on the way ^^

Maren´s outfit<3

Svenja´s outfit <3

Nina´s outfit <3
Ina´s outfit <3<3<3
"Laura 2"'s outfit ^^ <3

And here my pictures of me:
I like them so much!! Thanks soo much to my boyfriend Binh <3 (Check out his homepage ^.-)<3<3<3

XDDD with tag!!

My favorite picture *O*
Brrrr~ it´s cold !!!

My outfit: 
Hair ribbon, Jsk, Cutsew, Sheep Bag: Angelic Pretty
My Melody Bag: Vivitix Sanrio
Shoes: Secret Shop
Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Bow Armband: La Pafait
Flower headset: Mady by Svenja
Coat: Ma*rs
Necklace: Jesus Diamante

Byyee Byyee
More tomorrow in my Part two ^...^<333
and sweet dreams


Thank you! <3


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