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Tutorial: How to make your own Hime/Agejou-Belt

Hello princesses, 
today I made my own hime belt. 
It was inspired by the belts from Ma*rs, Golds infinity and D.I.A. 
I love belts with chains, so I decided to create my own - of course in hime style. 
But you can make this one in Agejo style, too <3333. 
I was a little bit inspired from Rox´s blog. Post  <--- <3

Okay I found some necklaces at Strauss in Germany. They were for sale for only one euro each!!!
I used the bigger necklace for the belt. I think it´s perfect, right? 
And the smaller one for deco ^---^<3.
I needed a small lock in order to open and close my belt.
I found one on an old key chain ^---^<33.
Then I had to remove the black parts, because it´s a Hime belt ^--^<33
If you want an Agejo version, black is wonderful <3<3<3<3 ^-^

I can use the flower for hairdeco ^---^<3<3<3<3<3.
Then I added a few small hime accessories. And here is the result: 

Detail <3
And here a picture worn: 

I hope you like it <3<3<3

Oh yeahh today honey and I went jogging for the first time <.< !!!
I´m sooooo dead now XDDD
Here's my jogging outfit ^.-
looool !!!

 Okay Bye Bye
Love you


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