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New Guess shoes // My Saturday morning with my parents

Hello princesses,
I hope your weekend was good ^----^. We had such a good weather in Germany !!! *yeahhh* .
On Saturday morning I met my mum and her husband in Cologne.
Shortly before we got to the cafe, we saw an old timer car exhibition
Such beautiful cars! ^......^<3

My favorite car. It looks so awesome *O*

We had breakfast at the cute cafe Extrablatt. Yeahh! They have all-you-can-eat for 7 Euro per person. 
You can eat crossaints, pudding, buns, rice pudding, salad, cheese and everything else you'd want for breakfast.

I love it. My parents paid the breakfast for us. I was so happy, and it was funny because we want to pay it for them, too xD.
Here some cute photos from this moring ^^
Soo cute <33 I very like that picture from my parents *O*
The buffet <3

look the beautiful sky <3333333
So after that we strolled a bit through Cologne. I was soooo crowded xD. 
But we had a lot of fun and went to some stores like Peek and Cloppenburg, BIBA, Kaufhof , Buffalo a.s.o.
Here a picture taken in a Buffalo store :

They have soo cute shoes but unfortunately not on sale. If you like Buffalo shoes, take a look on their internet shop - they have sale from time to time ^^.
Look what I bought at Kaufhof: New shoes from Guess. I fell in love with them. 

New black mules *O*. 
Happy <333333333
Since they were on sale they cost only 45 Euro ^----^<33333
Original prize was 180 Euro! yeahhh!!! And even the last one available was in my shoesize xD 

Here finally my outfit from that day:
Dress: Zara
Headbow: Jesus Diamante
Bag: Liz Lisa 
Necklace: Daisy
Shoes: La Pafait
Make up <3
Okayyy more about my Saturday tomorrow <3333.
I hope you'll read my blog tomorrow, too.

SuiPrincess <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


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