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Shopping with my honey // Hard Rock Cafe Cologne

Hello princesses,
thank god it's friday *yeah*. I´m so happy about that.
I hope your weekend will be good. 
I already planned a lot of things to do ^---^<33333.
Today I went shopping with my honey in Cologne. He picked me up after work and we  to an Indian shop together with a colleague. 
I was looking for a beautiful anklet in gold pink. Love it so much <3<3

After that we went to the city to Gina Tricot, Saturn, Jane Norman and so on. 

It was so funny with my Darling. 
Here some funny shopping  pictures .

Poncho from Gina Tricot in pink, I didn´t buy it <3

pink sunglasses! They're not red!! XD
 Here some pictures we took in Saturn with different lenses xD.

Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Colgne.
Did you was there one?

I never went there before. And I like it so much <33333333
When you are in the cafe, you feel like you're in America xD. 

Legend.. wait for it.. dary XD <33

inside <33

We ordered something to eat. 

I ate ice cream and honey a burger ^.^<3333. It was so good.  
And as we sat in the cafe, Katy Perry's song was in TV <333  *hehe* 

I want to show you what I shopped today, some very cute things ^--^<333.
Cute Hello Kitty sneakers <333

Britney Spears Album. Yes, I like her XD

Princess bag charm. <333

From Gina Tricot <3

Ahhh today is Lauras birthday. 
She is my best friend. 
Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday honey! I'm going to see her tomorrow. 

Here a picture from Laura and me <333
And finally my outfit from today cuties <3333 
Dress: Ma*rs
Shoes, Hairbow, Necklace and Bag: Jesus Diamante
Tights: H&M
Overknees: Strauss

Okay Byee, Byee Princesses
Love you

SuiPrincess <3<3<3


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