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HARIBO sweets outlet // My first days in the middle of nowhere

Hello princesses,

sorry that I didn´t blog so much but I´m very busy at the moment.
As I said before I´m on a course for my work full time, which means I'm also staying here. The course is a in very small city.
Unfortunately we don´t have WLAN in our rooms, only in the lounge ^....^.
My room <3 Very small but I like it

On Thursday I went with some of my collegues to Haribo sweets outlet in Solingen.
Do you know Haribo? They sell a lot of sweets *O*!
I love it so much.
Here some pictures for you, I only can take pictures with my iPhone.

Sarah and me <3
Applerings in Cola flavor!! brand new!

You can buy bags of bears of your favorite colors! Normal bags are mixed with different colors.

XXL buckets.

Sweets heaven *O*

Here what I bought there XDD
Smurfs, peaches and a mixed set with my favorite ones.

Yesterday My honey visited me we went to Düsseldorf together . Currently it´s so cold outside here in Germany, right? Expected temperature this night: -10°C to -20°C ;_;
Brrrr~ So we only went to the OCS took purikura and then we went to Bubble Tea to drink something warm. ^^
I bought an old issue of CUTiE from a japanese bookstore. There was a super cute omake from Ange Rouge inside *O*: A cosmetic bag and hair ribbon <33

Now to my outfits from the last few days, which were rather simple. I only can wear simple outfits here, because it´s my work ^^. 
I kind of like my simple style for work now. This way I can sleep so much longer in the morning xD!
Dress: Ma*rs
Cardigan: DreamV
Shoes: small store in Akiba(I only wear them in my room)

Dress: YesStyle
Necklace: New Yorker
Shoes: Jumex
Makeup and hair

Hat: Delyle
Pullover, Jeans: H&M
Necklace: La Pafait
Shoes: Jumex
Jacket: Ma*rs

Okay that was all.
I´m so happy that I can return home for the weekend.
Also, Saturday I'm going to see my girls in Düsseldorf again ^....^<3333



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