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Me and my Girlgroup // Shopping at -7°C

Hello princesses,

finally I met my girls in Düsseldorf.
I missed my home, my friends, my honey and my kittys so much when I was at the course.
I´m so glad that we can return over the weekend!!
But on monday I have to go back to Mettmann for my course :(

A lot of you have asked me where I was working, so here's my answer:
I'm working as a Call Center Agent in a Public service.
I like my work so much <3.

So, on Saturday I met my girls: Laura, "Laura2", Svenja, Nina, May, Ina, Jessy and Charlotte in Düsseldorf (click on the names to check their blogs ^..-).
We were almost complete but Maren and Anh Binh had to learn for university exams ;____;
Here some pictures we've taken for you ^^ 
Group photo
We all went to a chinese restaurant because we were hungry and it was way tooooo cold outside.

May, Ina and Svenja
This is so damn cute !
Nina, Laura and me
Nina you looked fabolous that day*O*! I love this picture from you so much and you hair !!!!
Jessy <333
 The gorgeous food !!!!!
It´s filled with warm vanilla pudding
fresh oranges

Lötti <3<3<3

Laura with a slice of orange XD
After that we went a little bit shopping in the city.
First to OCS, and then to some other stores like C&A, New Yorker, Douglas etc.
It was so much fun, but as I said way, way tooo cold!! We just went from store to store just to warm up xD
Lötti and me

Nina with a mustache ring *O*!!!!
So cute I want to steal you two for my princess room XD
Ina's and my cross ring! We bought it at Gina Tricot!!

Here my buys:
A rose ring from Gina Tricot. It was in sale for 1 Euro *O*!

The new Ageha magazine *O*

One pair of tights at Calzedonia - the black pair was free if you bought something.

NYX lipstick, colour Strawberry Milk. Himena has the same one *O*!!
Thanks to svenja!!

Todays coord:
Hair flower, Jeans: H&M
Coat, Shirt, Belt: Ma*rs
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Poncho/scarf: M &S
Shoes: Jumex
Gloves: Ebay
Necklace JD

in Detail:
Makeup and hair
My Ma*rs Belt *O*
Okay that was all :3

Lots of  Love


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