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With my girls at Centro Oberhausen // Intolerant German people!

hello princesses,

today I went with my girls to a small shopping tour in Oberhausen Centro. 
We all visited our friend Jessy there. She had to work today ;______;!!
I´m so sorry for you honey.
I was so happy that I could see all my girls today and all looked amazing.
Of course we had so much fun together
But I hated the other people there. Many were so disrespectful and rude.
They really, really stared, pointed their fingers on us or said rude things to us like: "Bitch", "Carnival is already over" etc. 
It was horrible today, really. 
I can´t understand the German mindset to fashion. 
A lot of young german girls say: "awww.. we love Lady Gaga, because she has an awesome style. But if there are normal girls like my friends or me, who are not wearing the boring simple style, they call us bitches? 
WTF why???
Whats wrong with these people? Don't we live in a free country
My opinion about german fashion, can we even call this "fashion"?: It looks soooo boring. Almost every girl is wearing the same: A scarf, a jeans, a t-shirt, a grey or black- brown or blue jacket and of course a ponytail. 
They're staring if you only wear a hair ribon or a normal pink dress WTF. 
Sorry, but at the moment I´m a little bit angry about this. 
When I was in America or in Japan nobody treated me like this! 
Soo what do you girls think about this? 
What is your opinion to this?

So but I want to show you our pictures from today ^---^. Today we were 8. 
Maren, Ina, Laura, Nina , Lötti, Binh, Anh Binh and me ^---^. <--- check my friends' blogs (click on the names) ^^.
Nina and me <333

Charlotte, Maren and me<33

OMG I love Nina's legs !!! My legs are on the left, Nina's awesome legs on the right. !! *O*
My food from Mcces

Sui with the hair chair ^^
The girlgroup ^--^ Maren, Nina, me, Lötti, Ina and Laura ^^
Lötti <3<3<3<3
Nina and Anh Binh XDDDD

Me and a Katy Perry Poster *O* at Douglas
A small rainbow on the way home ^---^.
I only bought cute sugary star earrings at New Yorker. They were soo cuttee <33

My outfit today:
Dress: Fokiwa
Bolero, Hairclip, Necklace: Jesus Diamante
Bag: Liz Lisa
Shoes: L&W shoes
socks: Claires

My makeup today

Okay that was all for today ^----^. 
Byee Byee


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