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My idols are
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This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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My Carnival saturday [pic heavy]

Konnichiwa princesses,

ohh noo the weekend is over ;__;!!!
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and did a lot of funny things. 
I met my best friend Laura in Düsseldorf and spent the day with her. 
First we took Purikura together *V* Here I took pictures of some of them:
Look at this scary picture.... what happend here?? Is is my hair? Or Laura's xD? 
It was on my iPhone xDD
After some purikura action, we went to Takumi together to eat and started a small shopping trip in Düsseldorf with full bellies . 
I also met some friends along the way: Susa and Sascha, my sister Maddy w/ bf, and Cindy and Nina ^----^. *yeahiiii *
Here the pictures we took for you :

My Karaage <33
Me with Cat, and Susa. *O*
A super cute cat/bear/hamster-thingy plushy from Susa *O*

Cat gave me that mini cake. It was soo delicious *O*. This was my first time seeing her and she is soo sweet *O*


Shopping me hehehe!!  OMG I can´t say how much I love shoes *O* !!
A super cute ghost shirt, but for Halloween it´s a little bit to late xD
There is a very cute story behind this picture. A small girl, I think she was 5 years old, saw me in New Yorker and followed the whole time. Then she said I look so cute, like a princess and gave me a small a pink spring as a present. Awww~ this was so cute. I gave her a candy in return*hihi*

Carnival costumes in Düsseldorf:
Ladybug family *O*

A pirate...

A baby tigger *O*
Pink panther gang xD
Laura, Maddy and me <333
Cindy. me and Nina <3333
This is what I bought: super cute Liz Lisa style pumps *O*!!
I love them so much *O*!!

My outfit: 
Dress, Boots, Bag: Liz Lisa
Necklace: JD
Coat, Cardigan: Ma*rs
Hairbow: From the magazine "CUTiE". It´s from Ank rouge <---


Okay that was all <3<3<3
Love you
SuiPrincess <3
hahahaha! Don Church XD


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