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My last days half-blind // Ben & Jerry's

Konnichiwa princesses,

how are you?? My last days were so boring. I had to stay at home, because of my eye infection. 
To make things worse, I couldn't do anything except lying in bed, since I could barely see anything.
I waited until there was no risk of infecting others to go out for a while. In the end I had to return after just 2 hours...
At the moment I can open my eyes, but I still have an opaque sight. >...< !!!
So I must go to the eyedoctor again ... 

But here are some pictures for you when I went out. 
First my honey made breakfast every morning  for me ;___;! Thanks soo much. My first bedbreakfast *hehe* I love you so much!! He is my prince!! ^------^
We went to Cologne, because I needed some small things. 
Here some pictures from that day ^----^<3
Honey and me <3
Darth Sui ? xD! We found this funny carnival mask. You know next week is carnival in Cologne ^--^
We also went to Ben and Jerry's. Yes, it was around -5°C and I still ate ice cream.
xD! I love ice cream so who cares? 
And Ben and Jerrys is the best ice cream on earth!! (*v*)<3
We ordered 500ml of Cookie Dough! 

We just bought some normal things in the city like hairspray, toothpaste and tweezers.
As a surprise honey bought me a Storm Trooper plush *O*!!
It´s so epic!! He gave me the storm troopler now and it´s for Valentine's day. 
I absolute love her (yes my storm trooper is a girl xD)
And to quote Barney Stinson: It is awesome!!

Here my Sui-style Storm trooper ^-^.

And my outfit from that day, with simple makeup:
Dress, Cardigan, Coat: Ma*rs
Hairflower: H&M
Bag: Sanrio
Shoes: Jumex 
Necklace: JD

My outfit in detail:

Simple eyemakeup.
Ok that was all.
I wish you all a nice day <33

Lots of Love


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