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Yesterday in Düsseldorf with my old friend Nadine

Hello princesses,
yesterday I met my old friend Nadine in Düsseldorf. We haven't seen each other for a long time ;___; !! So I was very, very happy to meet her !!! 
First we took some purikura. This was my first Purikura with her *__* <3<3<3<3<3<3 !!
 Then Nadine showed me a very interesting cafe in Düsseldorf. It is diagonally opposite of OCS. 
And they have so many interesting things *O* !!!!!!!
They have a lot of interesting, but very expensive pictures, comic figures and beautiful clocks ^^. 
You should take a look ^^
And I took some pictures for you 

some comic figures, Nadine and me ^^

I like this picture very much, it´s a young girl with a meat dress. It remebers me of Lady Gaga ^^

 And this amazing Tutuha style clock *_* <3

On the basement floor they had very amazing mirrors and more pictures ^^. 
We took these picture there ^^.

After that I met some girls in Düsseldorf,too. Caro and Mona. Because yesterday was a Manba meetup there. 

Then we were hungry so we want to eat something. Takumi was closed and Naniwa, too. So we went to Don. I never ate there before^^. 
It was good, but not as good as Takumi ^^. 

 My food.
Nadine's food. 

Nadine had a present for me. I was so suprised *__* <3<3 A Tinkerbell pillow. She won it at fun fair *_* !!
I was very, very happy <3<3<3<3 I was soo happy. I had a present for her, too. Because she has her birthday a few months ago. And she liked it ^^.

Sooo~ after that we went to Kik in Düsseldorf. You know Kik? It is a very cheap store. 
I only was there a few times to buy some small presents for my family or friends ^^. 
Nadine told me they have many items from Sanrio's Charmmy Kitty *O* !!
I love Charmmy Kitty so we went to Kik. 
And they had so many Charmmy Kitty items in different colours *__* !!!
 They had pillows, bedlines, bedcovers, small carpets, bath towels in the colours pink, grey and purple.
I bought the pink bedcover *_* !! I love it! For only 12,99 Euro. That´s cheap ^^. 
Normally it'd cost more than 25 Euro. O.o

Sooo~ yesterday it was so hot !!
We went to BOBOQ Bubbletea. It is so refreshing ! I love all Bubbleteas. 
Nadine tried Strawberry and I got peach. I love it *__*!! Nadine payed the drink for me *__* !! Awww thanks soo much <3<33
 Nadine with her mobile phone <3<3<3.
Our Bubble teas ^^. It was Nadines first Bubble tea. 

So finally I want to show you my outfit from this day

My Liz Lisa style outfit ^^.

Okay now I was  in Düsseldorf soo many days in a row! I need a break xDD !!
Have a nice day pincesses <3<3<3<3<3

Bye Bye 



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