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My Weekend: Horrible Saturday / Cake Sunday

Hey princesses,
yesterday wasn't a good day for me ;_; !
I wanted to meet my friends Charlotte, Jessy and Maren with Laura in Düsseldorf.
But as all things in life, nothing goes as you've planned it ... 
I was completely finished with my outfit and was already at Cologne central station waiting for my train. Then my suddenly my boyfriend called me, because of Himena <.< 
My little kitty didn't feel good. It was so horrible. Some uglyreddish-thing stuck out of her back >.<
We went to a vet, and boy, they're so expensive!

Now it looks like she's feeling better, after she's received her medicine, but she's sleeping a lot ;_;. 
(Sie hat starke Bakterien (Giardien) in ihren Darm, ich weiß leider nicht was das auf Englisch heißt ^^;;)

My girls went to OCS, and here's a beautiful puri from Maren and Jessy *O*

In the evening we went to the cinema in Cologne. This cinema even has a Pizza Hut *__* We couldn't resist and had pizza there <3
We went to the horror movie Insidious.  It was sooooo scary. And I was afraid all the night  ;_; 

My outfit from yesterday: 
XDD I look so scary in this picture XDD. But the only picture with Laura ^^

Today, we went to my grandfather's birthday party ^^. 
We had some super delicious cake *O*! 

Today's makeup was quite normal ^^.

Okay enough for today. 
Bye Bye
SuiPrincess <3<3<3


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