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My weekend in the Sauerland / Scary horror shooting and La Pafait outfit

Hello princesses,
this weekend I visited my good friend Laura at her place. 
She lives in Lennestadt - Sauerland. 
Here are some pictures I took on the way to her: 

Every time when we stay there for one or two days, it is like holiday *__* !!! 
It is so differnt to cologne, because she lives in a rural area ^-^<3.
When we arrived, Laura made waffles for us. 
 freshly picked cherries *O*
They were so delicious *_* !!
And here some pictures from her big garden *_* 

We had a lot of fun, talked so much and played with her little cats. 
The cat's names are Monty and Sam. Soo cutte kittys <3<3<3<3
Me with Monti xDD our both faces so funny xDDDD

Then we did a shooting - no normal shooting, but a horror shooting. 
We pretended to be water-corps O.o!! So scary!!!
Here the behind the scenes photos xDD

It was so funny, but it was so cold in the water O.o!!

One finished photo *O*!! I love it <3<3<3<3
I looks so real!!

So scary !!!! 
We watched the movie KW31. I really like that movie *O* !! Do you know it?

Okay here my La Pafait outfit <3<3 I love it <3<3

Okay enough scary posts for today !!!
More completely edited photos will follow ^----^<3<3

Thanks for reading my blog, princesses <3<3


(old Puri from Laura and me, perfect for this horror post xD)


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