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Life is a Cupcake Shop Review: Wristcuffs and headdress from Nanako

Hello princesses,

today I want to show you a super, super cute shop. It is called ♥ Life is a cupcake ♥and it's so damn cute.
The shop owner Nanako also has a Facebook page if you want to order something via message ^^.
You can find a lot of her creations in her albums on that page, but she also accepts custom orders.
If you want something she can make it for you ^....^. I really really fell in love with her cute items ^---^.
She has a lot of jewellry, accessories and also clothes ^---^.
She shipped all from France (*´∀`*).♥♥
Nanako was so nice to send me two items to review them. And my honest opinion is, the quality is really cute and the designs are also super cute.
Here Nanako's card. You can also write her to this E-mail ^--^

The first item I want you to show is the Rose Hime Headdress
It is a side headdress with a big white ribbon, and it fits perfectly to Hime or Lolita fashion.
You also can see some flowers in the Headdress *^* 
She included a little bit of pink for me inside the Headdress, because she said maybe that would suit me better. She is so nice ^----^.
I really, really like this headress and it is comfortable to wear.
I clipped it to my hair with some hairpins ^...^. She said she could also send a hairband with it with which you can fix it on it, but I prefered to use hairpins ^^.
The prize for the Headdress is 25 Euro (~$32) + shipping to you. I think this is a good price for this headdress ^--^.
(*/∇\*) kawaiii~
In my hair ^^

With my alpaca <3

The label is also on the Headdress *O*

It looks super cute on Church right?? XDDD
The second item are super cute white Hime wristcuffs with a pink Bow and pink pearls. Also with a little bit pink on it.  <3 The lace which Nanako used is very detailed. I love the amazing small roses on it.
The price for the wristcuffs is 18 Euros ($23) + shipping to you. Also a very good and fair price ^.....^v ♥

The wristcuffs so amazing (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

The lace in detail ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ

Worn by Sui ♥

I think they look amazing *O*

Today's outfit

My kitty Himena also like the cuffs (*^3^)/~☆♥♥♥♥♥
That´s all for today, I really hope that you take a look at Life is a cupcake! You won't regret it (✿ ♥‿♥)



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