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Fanu Lolita Meetup in düsseldorf / Jesus Diamante Hime gyaru

Hello princessess,

last Saturday Fanu was in Düsseldorf. Maybe you know her: She is one of my biggest Lolita inspirations.
I love all her coords and she is such a super super cute person. I was so happy to meet her. I also could talk with her a little bit at the Connichi last week.
She made a meetup and everyone came in Lolita or Himefashioned *O*!
I also meet cute Sashi again, as she visited Düsseldorf to meet Yuki and me <3<3.
It was so much fun. Thanks so much for such an amazing day. Unfortunately Binh was away for work and couldn´t come with us.. Gossshhhh.. it was kind of strange without him. I know that sounds strange, but I didn´t feel complete the complete day, because I missed him so much ヘ(_ _ヘ). And it was only one day O,.o! But he said the same.. Awww~~ I´m so lucky to find someone like him.
But I did take some pictures for you with my iPhone ^^ Here they go:
Beautiful Jasmin

XD This pic is so funny. At this moment, I think, the time was over for decorating the Purikura. XDDD Nadine and Claudia <3<3<3

Sahsi, me and Yuki  inside the Purikura machine! HIME POWER!!!

Lötti and Flökki <3<3<3

Again wonderful Jamin and me I adore her style *O*!! But where were you Nina/Taeyen - I missed you!!

The full group ^^

Cute Sashi <3<3<3 her coord was so cute *O*

We want to take a normal picture XD...  but look at Yuki XDD I love you <3

All Derp~~xD

Nina and May chan <3

Nina, May and me <3<3

Fanu and me~~ ahhhhh my hair xD

Derpppp, DERRPP,Derrpppp!♡ Ina♡ and me!

Nini and me <3<3<3
Yeahh~ the group at Pizza Hut <3
♡♡♡♡♡ Pure Love♡♡♡♡♡ Cheese Crust Pizza with ruccola and sour cream ♡

In the evening Yuki, Alex, Ina and me went to the cinema to see "Cabin in the Woods". It was so funny XDD

Today's outfit

Dress, Mules, Hairbow, Bolero, Bag, Necklace : Jesus Diamante
Wig: Bodyline
Tights: Calzedonia





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