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Royal Pony Lolita Meet: Part 1 - Hime Gyaru Lolita outfit

Hello princesses,

On Saturday was a new lolita meetup from Royal Pony.
I'm very, very happy that we have finally new regular Lolita Meet ups here in my area. <3
Thanks so so so much to Yuki and Miriam for organizing this meet up.
We had a picknic in the Südpark in Düsseldorf - an amazing photolocation *O*!!
Yuki and Miriam also created a super funny Lolita quiz game for us.
Both put so much effort into this meetup. Thank you <3<3<3<3 
I had a lot of fun and could meet so many beautiful lolitas.
I was also very happy that some of them came to me and talked with me *O* <3<3<3
I wore a new Hime Gyaru/ Lolita outfit. I noticed that I've also changed my Lolita style more into Hime Lolita.
And I´m very happy with it. That´s me <3
My boyfriend and some other girls took awesome pictures of me Thank you *^* <3<3
Here are a lot of pictures for you <3

First a group pic for you, click to enlarge ^^

This was when we arrived at the meet. You could see the lolitas from far away *O* <333 A colourful group <3

I talked with some very cute lolitas *^*

The whole picknic group <3<3<3

Sui with the organisers Yuki and Miriam <33 I love you <3<3<3<3

My sweet My in Jewelry Jelly <33

This photo was taken by me!! xD i love it *I´m soo good xD*my sweet Ina <3<3

Clint&Clint, some of you wondered we called each other "Clint": This is our nickname <3

My sweetheart Binh  I love you <3

Silly pic, but the best is them taking pictures without caring for us xDDDDD

Loopy and me <3<3<3<3

May and her super cute sisiter. Mays sisiter is soo damn sweet I really want to steal her *O*

Best friends forever <3<3<3 Clint & Clint again

Camwhoring with Rebecca and Lötti <3

Me and Amy <3<3<3<3 I love her style so much <333

Me, Marron and May <3
Some of my pictures from that that, more in my next part ^-----^

Today's Hime outfit

Dress: Angelic pretty
Choker and Headdress: Made by Flokat
Shoes: Tao Bao
Bag: Jesus Diamante




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