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Pet visiting day // Liz Lisa Himekaji

Hello princesses,

we spent this Saturday at Laura³'s place with Ina chan.
Laura and her family have a wonderful house in Krefeld. This day I saw some pets *O* She has a cat and some very cute dwarf chicken <33 Ohh gosshh they were so damn cute T^T
She also made a lot of cakes and cupcakes for us by herself.
She put so much effort in it *O* Awwww~ thanks soo soo much again sweetheart  (=^・ェ・^=)
Of course we took a lot of random pictures for my readers xD!
And please comment under my posts  \(=^‥^)/’`
Marzipan cupcakes

Raspberry cake

Strawberry muffins *O* <3
Beautiful roses as decoration *O*
Ina, me and Laura³

Gost hands.... I put my hands through the pavilion in the garden xD It looks so scary.... dödödödödödömm

Me on a bar stool ^^

Derpppp~ girls~~

 Awwww~ and now the pictures with the super cute chicken..
Unfortunately they were a little bit shy ;__;! Still, they were so cute and they made cute noises like: "erkk, errk~~ " and "gluck, gluck~~" soo cute. I could steal them.
And one of them whose name is Brownie, lay an egg. It was so small T^T


Later in the evening it began to get cooler outside.
So Laura gave us some bedcovers. And then it was so fluffy warm ^^
Soo quaint....

Ina and me <3<3<3

Laura's sleeping cat Paulchen *O*v
We took Ina back home to see her and her boyfriend's rats... Overkill on one day.
So many super cute pets... I love pets sooo much. If I could, I'd have a big farm with a lof of animals *O* <3<3<3 Do you also like animals? Whats your favorite animal?
I think mine are piglets and kitties ^^<3

Today's outfit

 I think that´s also a very good example that Liz Lisa looks hime like.
It is more himekaji but I still love this coord. 
It´s such a summer feeling with this coord...

Hat: Tally Weijl, decorated by myself
Dress: Liz Lisa
Shoes: DreamV
Bag: Liz Lisa
Makeup and hair (it´s a wig) ^^




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