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Japanese Hime Blog inspirations on Crooz/Ameba

Hello princesses,

So from time to time I showed you my Gaijin inspirations. Maybe you  remeber my old posts?
But now I also want to show you some of my Japanese blog inspirations <33.
I already wrote a post about my Ameba inspiration. So now I will show you more awesome japanese blog which interest me. A lot of them are about Himegyaru but some of the girls also wear other styles ^^.
So enjoy it <3<3<3 (All pictures are taken from the following Blogs)

First of course my number one !! Forever Himena Ousaki.
From time to hime I get mails were my readers ask me for Himenas blog link, so of course I will blog it here again. She is my biggest inspiration and so nice!
Some of you don´t understand why she is my biggest idol.
But well a lot of people have idols. Look at Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for example or Johnny Depp.
And my idol is Himena ^-------^v

Then I want to show you my second favorite model.
Her name is Ririka. I always really always read her blog.
She is sooo damn beautiful. She is perfect in my opinion.

Then an amazing Creepy cute / Spooky cute girl Ami. I loooove her blog and her face.
She often appears in the Ageha and I had the honor to meet her during at my last japan trip !!! *^*
I was soo damn happy and she really inspires me!! She rocks !

Ami and me <3<3<3

Then of course Himeko. She works at one of my favorite brands La Pafait *O*!!!
She is absolutely perfect. And she is also so friendly. I always love her La Pafait coords, hairstyle and Makeup. She is so talented. ^---^
Right girl is Himeko other girl is Cana
Himeko and me <3<3<3<3
And my last one is Rin chan. My Agejo- Ma*rs inspiration. I really love her MA*rs coords.
They look absolute amazing!!
I´m not sure but I think she is a staff from MA*RS, but I can´t read Japanese so I don´t know >..< !!
But well I love her style!!!

So what do you think. Do you want to see more Japanese inspiration blog posts?
Or is it boring bor you?? What do you think about my Gaijin inspiration post in general??
I would be so thankful about a comment. Then I know what you want <3<3<3<3<3




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