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Girlgroup meetup: A day with my girls (picture heavy)

Hello princesses,
yesterday I met my  friends in Düsseldorf. We had a "Girlgroup" meetup. 
We wanted to make Puris first but it was so full. So we decidde to take some pictures and then we want to go to Pizza Hut.
Here our pictures:

The almost complete gang "Girlgroup and Bodyguards" (Jessy couldn't come ;_;)

Only the girls pt 1
Only the girls pt 2
hahaha, a new Coke commercial
okayy, what´s this'? XD
So then we went to Pizzahut. Since we were 9 persons, it was difficult to get a table without prior reservation, so we had to wait one hour. But no problem for us. We went to a small park in Düsseldorf and talked, laughed a lot.
We had so much fun, like always... Oh I really love my girls ^---^<33
Here the pictures from Pizza Hut:
Maren and May show me the orginal Baby autograph from the Connichi *O*

Ina, May, Maren and me

Maren, Laura and Svenja

The Bodyguards XD

Pizza <33

Lasagne was sold out ;__;!! So Nina tried this..

The dessert..


May and me

 And then of course we went back to OCS and finally took our beloved Purikura <3<3

decorating Purikura
In fron of OCS
The Asian group XDD

All in the machine XD
 I finally picked my Ageha for this month and bought the first and second Sailor Moon Mangas ^-^<33
 Best Himena pictures inside *O* <3<3 Pure LOVE
Look Diane is also in the Ageha <3

Look lower right, there is Diane, too <3<3<3
Soo and then I traded Liz Lisa replica boots with Svenja. 
I wanted this boots so much. They are so sweet and overknee <3<3.
Svenja ordered them, but they were so small for her feet ;__; !! So we traded them. 
It´s my size !! *yeah* 

Okay here my outfit from yesterday:
Top, jacket, bag : Ma*rs
Hairbow: Tralala
Skirt: Kult
Shoes: Street

Okay enough for today <3<3<3
I wish you a nice remaining weekend ^---^<33
Bye Bye



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