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First christmas market this year // Meeting Grandma

Hello princesses,
now the week is over >..< !
Today I met my grandmother in Düsseldorf. We wanted to go through the christmas market together since it has opened since yesterday ^----^<333.
I´m so in love with christmas markets *v* !!
Today's awesome highlight:
We took purikura together. haha!!! that´s soo funny <333.
My grandmother was so impressed of our Purikura machine xD!!!

Then we went to the christmas market. 
Awwww~ I love it. This christmas feeling all the time.. 
The music and it smells so good everywhere you go... 
Here some pictures for you:

We went to a department store, because we wanted to look for some new christmas decoration.
I took more pictures here. I found a lot of cute things ^----^<333
Me and a XXL Hello Kitty *O*!!!

Omg a Hello Kitty bike for babys *O*!!!Awwwww~

Princess advent calender for 15 Euro *O* <3<3<3

chrismas deco *O* !!!!!
After that all we went to a small cafe. 
I ordered a hot black tea and a cola there ^^. 
Hot and cold ^^.
In the evening accompanied grandmother home. 
I didn´t want her to go home all by herself, and I really wanted to see my grandfather again, too. 

 My grandparents gave me my present for St. Nicholas Day. My family has been celebrating St. Nicholas since I´m a small girl ^.^. Now I´m an adult, but my grandparents always give something small on St. Nicholas Day. Awww~
strawberry gloves, big My melody sticker and chop sticks + super deluxe and delicious coockies ^^
Today I bought some christmas deco, only something small
Gingerbread men and women ^^.
Soo ~ finally my outfit today. Do you like my new hairstyle? 
Shirt: Bershka
Skirt: Kult
Tights: H&M
Boots: Street
Bag: Goldsinfinity
Belt, Coat: Ma*rs
Hairbow: Tralala

Okay enough for today, tomorrow I´m going to be in Dortmund on a birthday party of my friend May. I´m so exited *O*!!!

Okay Byeeee



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