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When a Princess moves to a new place Part 1~

Hello princesses,
Here is my first part from our move to Wuppertal weekend. As the most of you know my husband and I moved to Wuppertal last weekend. First of all thank you so so so so much to my friends and helpers Silke, Thomas, B1nh, Nadine and Ben. Seriously you all helped us so much.
We started in Cologne and packed everything into a rented van from Starcar.
I´m glad all of our stuff fit into one van, so we just needed one drive (cheaper for us)   (*´・v・).
Then we went to Silke and Thomas place and also put stuff in there car. They gave me for example the entertainment center for our new living room.  (^~^)
And then we all went to Wuppertal and brought it all into our new apartment.
It´s really suprising how much stuff I have x''''D. You see it when you move to a new place.
Before we start I took this pic of my Hunny and I in the morning ^^

This was our rented van ^^
XDD.. They are always joking around
My empty Princess room ~ Binh gave some stuff out of the window, because the van was direcly outside. ^^
What a *** pic of me. But heres proof that I also carried some stuff x''D
What a mess O.o.... It looked like this after we brought it all into the apartment
Thomas during the working process ^...^
But after a few hours it started looking more comfortable and like our home. ^^
Everything is still is not done and kinda messy. We are still working on it. But here first some pictures for you ^^. Of course if everything is finished I will show you all in detail.
Just as information for you, my hun chose everything in the Livingroom (the color and what comes in a.s.o), and I did it with the Bedroom ^^. So everyone has thier own room  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Our new more rocking...
...Livingroom ^^
And my new Princess room~ our bedroom^^
On the next day we went to Ikea with Silke and my Godchildren because we needed something for our new kitchen ^^




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