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Twin Again~ Hime Gyaru // Sushi and Dvd´s

Hello princesses,

How are you out there? I hope fine and that your week wasn´t so stressful.
Mine was okay ^^'' but I´m glad that it is finally the weekend.
On Saturday I met my cute Yuki and Lana in Düsseldorf. It was the last time Yuki wore Hime gyaru, and I was really sad because I think this style suits her a lot 【・ヘ・】. But I´m really really happy that she is so in Love with her new Romantic Gyaru style and I´m 1000% sure she will look gorgeous in it.  (*´∀`*)☆ I´m also really excited about her new outfits.
We made this Saturday our last Hime Twin outfit in our Princess Melody ^^.We took some cute pictures together, or better yet Lana took them for us, Thanks so much for this <3. And we
went together to Bento Box and ate Sushi. Finally, seriously I think I didn´t eat Sushi since FOREVER xD. After that we ate a dessert, of course Frozen Yogurt. At the moment I can´t eat enough Frozen Yogurt, I love it so much!!!
Yuki chan and me  \(*T▽T*)/
I really like how Bento Box in Düsseldorf looked, I never was in this Bento Box ^^.
I  ♥ Maki (゜▼゜*)
And I found in the Card this cute Bento for kids. Awww~ I really wanted to try it but I prefered Sushi! Next time I will eat this!
the whole sealing is mirrored, isn´t it awesome ♥ ♥ ♥
A Picture of us- waiting for our food ♥
My Sushi *^*.. It was soooo soooo good. And I was so hungry that I ate it all x'''D
And The Frozen Yogurt!! I want it again!!!
 Here some of our pictures together  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Kiss u my Love <3<3<3<3
This is my Favorite one .. err no wait ...
.... this one .... NOT XDD. My face is so ugly and devilish. It was fun! And I hate when ppl say only because we wear hime or cute clothes we wont say something bad. Thats so stupid... This was just a fun pic though X'''D
 After that we went back to Yuki and Lana´s place and watched some Dvd´s. we watched Dark Shadows *Awwwww~ Johnny Depp~ Dream mode on* and Lion King.  (´ω`★)
After that I met my husband at the central station because he got out of work. And we went together home. I changed my clothes into normal clothes because I don´t want to walk alone in hime.
 The reason is I did it last week and some guys grabbed me, because they were drunk. It was horrible. 
Seriously! What Is wrong with some guys. Obviously I didnt just stand there.
I know it can happen in every clothes but of course you get more attention in Hime, because it looks not normal <....< just sad!
Dark Shadows <3
The Lion King <3 I love this movie so much!!!
My hun and me in the train  (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Today's Princess outfit

Dress: Princess Melody
Cardigan: JD
Shoes, Necklace, Hairbow: La Pafait
Bag: My Melody
Small Hairbows: From Yuki <3



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