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My Gaijin inspirations part two~

Hello princesses,

maybe you remember my old blog entry about my Gaijin (Gyaru) inspirations.
click here <--- Now I want to show you more of my inspiration.
From time to time I find really inspiring blogs. 
But the people from part one are still my inspirations *O*! They were just perfect!!
Girls, I really thank you for being an inspiration for me *O* <3<33
I hope you'll never stop blogging or posting pictures ^^
So let´s start I use all the pics from the blogs (links are there)

First it´s Xiaxue <--- click, she is from Singapore and I love her. She is a very small lady but so damn awesome!! She's no Gyaru, but still, I love, love her blog ! 
I know some of you hate her but well, haters gonna hate! 
With her pink hair *O*
Then I love Anji Azusa <--- click!!! She is from Germany,too. I love her physique, face, makeup and style! Check her blog! You won´t regret it. She is a 17 year old russian girl and also a very kind person. Anji I love you, you rock it!!!

The next one is Yasmina <-- her FB, from Sweden. She frequently changes her haircolour and I love that!
Currently her hair is red like Arielle's and she looks like a beautiful porcelain doll. 
She really inspires me and I think she is perfect! 
I think she doesn´t have a blog, but if she makes one I will link it for you ^---^. 

With her actually red hair *O* !!!! <3
And then I want to show you my next inspiration. It´s Jojo <-- check her Facebook. She lives in the Netherlands *O*.  She is so beautiful and a very, very sweet and kind girl. I first met her at the Christmas Gyaru Meetup in Düsseldorf and I totally fell in love with her pretty face and her style.

 Malin- Mio <---- click me <33333333
She is so beautiful and from Sweden.
I love her hair and her coords. She is a very cute doll!!
I love reading her blog *O*!! 

 And of course Okashi~ Ninoshka <--- click me <3
She also has a very cute and from California *O*<3333
She has one of the best makeup in my opinion *O* <333
Lover her coords and her style!! She is super cute <33

I also like the pic of Dakota Rose <--- Her youtube and here <--( blog) but I´m sure the most of them know her right? I know she has a lot of haters but well..
She is a supercute girl on Youtube. 
She looked on her pictures - video like a doll. 
Even though she is photoshopping her pics and videos, she is very inspirational on to me.
I also love her coords ^...^<33


I hope you'll check their blogs! I really love them and check them regularly xD!


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