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My Day at Japan Convention Dokomi 2012

Hello princesses,

this weekend was a Anime/ Manga convention in Düsseldorf called Dokomi.
It was much bigger than the years before because they've relocated into a bigger location.
I went with some of my friends to this convention on sunday.
It was a lot of fun and the weather was so warm *O*
Unfortunately I didn´t see a lot of good and creative cosplayers T--T. Or maybe I oversaw them.
A lot of them wore cheap china costumes ;_;.
I love the good old times, from my first convention. It was like another world. A lot of creative and awesome cosplays whichwere selfmade and really detailed.
But maybe these kind of cosplayers were there on friday and saturday??

I was also very very very happy that some girls came to me and asked "Are you Sui?!"
I met also some of my blog readers. I hope that I can say the same next weekend, there is the Japan day in düsseldorf.
And please don´t be afraid to talk to me. Really.
Some blog reads wrote me that they saw me but were too afarid to talk to me... why??
I really don´t bite ^^ And I like it to talk with my lovely blog readers. So come on ^----^v

Here are my pictures from this weekend:
Maren and me. We exchanged outfits for one day. She wore my Lady Rose and I wore her Jewelry Jelly, both from Angelic Pretty ^-----^v<3

Laura<---(click) and me, I love, love, love that picture <3 

May chan and me. She worked at the Maid Cafe in the Dokomi and we visited her. I got an Melon pan!! My favorite food ever T____T <3<3<3 *love*

Of course me with my beloved iPhone xD

Yeahhh  I met Aiji and Maya <3<3 both looked very cute 

Yeah a group picture Jasmin and Nina (I really love their outfits), Maren, Laura, me, my sweet Ina and Lötti <3<3<3

Nooo!! what happend with this picture ???;___;  Here you see my 2 cute blog readers Taeyen(Nina) and Jasmin. 

Me and my cute blog reader Umeboshi <33333 she was so cuuuute <3

 My twin hair pictures with Ina doll <--(click )

 My pictures :

Cute, cute ,cute Ina <3
My honey and me <3<3<3<3 Love u <3<3<3<3

My cute Blogreader Alina <3 (<-- click me) We have the same name :3. I also love her style *O* 
Quini and me <3 She worked at the Dunkelsüß booth. 

May chan and me after her work <3<3<3 
So then I want to show you an outfit picture ^^
Dress, Headbow *lent by Maren* : Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Small Hairbow: Sanrio
Bag: La Pafait
Shoes: SS
Necklace: Jesus Diamante

Oh yeah, I bought something at the Dokomi. From my friend Lötti: One pair of black Tea party styled shoes in black ^....^I love them so much and already want them for a long time...

Okay that´s all 


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