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Shopping day with Rieke // Met a cute blog reader

Hello princesses,
yesterday I spend the whole day with my friend Rieke in cologne.
We enjoyed the sun and sat beside the Rhine. 
It was so warm yesterday, around 26 c°. *O* summer is finally here in Cologne ^---^.
Then Rieke showed me some designer store. She knows a lot of cute stores, I´m so damn happy that she showing me them.
They are located on the Engelbertstarße (Belgisches Viertel von Köln).
I took some cute pictures for you. I wish I had money to buy those cute clothes...xD
Yeah fishface Rieke and me xD !!

This moustache was inside a clothing room on a mirror xDD so funny
This was a super cute cardigan with strawberrys on it *O*

A pink mini Dirndl <33 so cute
This pink dress is so cute. I love the collar<3

I want this Ankle dress*O*

Rieke chans outfit. She looked so stylish *O*
hahaha and I found a iPhone clinic. Soo sad for sick iPhones ;___;

After that we decided to eat something.
We went to a asian diner called "Ding Dong". XD What a funny name for a diner xD!!!
But the food was very good. I tried chicken with sweet sour sauce and rice. 
Rieke ordering our food <33

Rieke bought herself this cute..umm.. dog? His name is Herbert xD <3

The food <3 nom nom nom...
During the shopping a girl came to me and ask me: "Are you Sui"?
I was so suprised. She said that she reads my blog sometimes .
I was very happy about that ^....^v
I took a picture of us. <33 She was so so so sweet ~<3

Here's what I bought that day^^
Rieke gave me the Shiseido skin care as a present *O* <3<3<3 thanks so much again, And I bought new ASTOR powder.

And I bought this super cute dress from Rieke, I love it <3
Okay here my simple / very casual Himegyaru coord:
Dress + Cardigan: Bought in Sunshine city (Ikebukuro)
Necklace, Shoes: Jesus Diamante
Bag: Tao Bao

Okay that was all for today ^-.-^


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