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Girlgroup meet in Krefeld // Free comic day // Liz Lisa casual Himegyaru

Hello princesses,

on Saturday we had a Girlgroup meet in Krefeld.
We had so much fun. It was the free comic day in Krefeld so we went to a comic store called "Spielzeit" It is a very cute Comic store and they have a lot of Mangas, board games, Comics, collectible card games aso. Since it was free comic day, we got a lot of free comics *O* !!!
I got one from Star Wars !!Yeahhhh. I´m so happy it was the last one.
We also wanted to see two Stormtroopers and princess Lea, but unfortunately they were gone when we arrived. We were too late. nooooo.....
We did found there a small Stormtrooper, though. Soo cuteeee <3
Our free comics
 On the way...

The baby trooper and me <33

<3 I want the Star Wars Cookbook <3

xDD Cute  Ina <-- and Nina <333

The girlgroup with the comic store owner. He was a friend of Laura 3.

After that we went to Vapiano and a small cafe and ate together. It is always so much fun with my girls. The food was so good. I love Vapiano and I also love the small cafe. I was there a few weeks ago with some of my friends,too. Click here to see the post.
Here are a lot of pics ^---^. <33
Nina and Maren ordering their food <3
Inside Vapiano <3
Laura 2 <333
My noodles <33
I love you girls and boys <3333

Inside the cafe <333

Laura, Ina and Laura 3 <3333 They look soo cute together <33 

Awwww Svenja. I love this picture so much <333
My white chocolate with strawberry <3
Nina, Jessy, Laura3, Svenja, Laura, me, May, Laura2, Ina and Maren <3333
Loooool Jump <3333
May in hime, too . She tried my hairstyle from my gyaru hime hair tutorial <---. Awwwww <33
Nina and me. I love, love her shoes *O* <3333
Laura3 and me. Both in Hime <3333
Sweet May chan <3
Here is my casual Hime Liz Lisa outfit:
Hair Ribbon: Ank Rouge
Necklace: Jesus Diamante
Blouse: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Kult
Shoes: Jesus Diamante
Bag: La Pafait
Jacket: Ma*rs

Make up without lenses.

Okay thats all.


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