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Bye Bye Germany my last day met some friends

Hello princesses,

yeahh now my last day in Germany for some months are over.
I feel a bit sad but I think more happy ^....^!
today on my last day i met with my friends Alex,Yuki, Ina, Nadine and Loopy.We had so much fun.  First I met with Ina because she had an appointment at the doctor but she wanted to see me for the last time.         We drank bubble tea together and visit the Toykio cafe in dusseldorf. I wanted to show her that cafe because its awesome.
Our Bubble teas, mine was the pink one ^----^<3

Awwww~~ Ina gave me this ring as apresent. It looks like the Monster high skull head. !!! I love it!! Our friends ring !!

Yea we are freaks! We wrote in the Bubble tea Guest book bec we were a bit bored. Loooool !! FAIL!

At Toykio in the toilette ! I love the mirror there and it was all pink !!!!

I love this picture ! Its also in Toykio

A Stormtrooper on a cross, my new religion? xD

Alien Teletubbies Awwww sugoiii !! And Nippler ^^ 

Then after Ina left me. And of course we all went to the bar Relax. The first ones which i heard all year.
Loopy and my- bag twins  !!!!! *O*

Loopy chan <3<3<3<3

My sister and Chris <3<3<3<3

Awwwwwwwwwwww cream soda !!!!!!!

Yuki and Loopy <3<3<3<3 so cute !! I love u !

Alex and me <3<3<3<3

This is so scary !!! Yuki and I tried to make a photo and look what happend... omg I´m dead in 7 days, like in the ring?? Noo lool it was my melody charm XDDDD it hid my face bec it was over the camera

looooool !
Nadine and me <3<3<3<3<3
Awwwwwwwwwww that broke my heart... Yuki was so sad that I leave her for some time ! I love u sweetie !!!
I love u so much <3<3<3<3<3<3
Our small group <3

And now Derp pics please !! XDDD we found this cards at the relax and I must, I must, I must took pics with them !!!!!!! AWESOMMMME !!!!!

Today's outfit

Dress I gave it a name called "Minto" : Angelic Pretty
Shoes, Coat: DreamV
Hairbow: Tralala
Cardigan: H&M
Bag: My Melody Vivitix




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