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3 hime gyaru etc outfits// chinese food and dvd day// first snow

Hello princesses,

how are you ? I hope fine. Omg in a few days is Christmas! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノIts so near. I am so so so happy that I can celebrate this Christmas and new year with my boyfriend and his family. I cant describe how happy that makes me. But I am very sure I will miss my family, too.
Today I saw here the first snow! perfect for Christmas!!

So the last week I fight with a big flu. I was very sick. >..>
I am glad that I am healthy since yesterday.  Thank you for so many get well soon mails *O*.
Yesterday we ate some Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant.
It was so good ! And the restaurant was pink !
We also rent some horror movies at the red box.
Its a box and you can rent there a lot of DVDs and its very cheap around 1 USD !! Amazing!!!

Me in front of the Chinese restaurant !!!!

The whole house is pink ! So princessly xD I love it 

Inside, its very small but the food is so so so good !
Awwww with a smiley at the bag so cute !

I had sweet & sour chicken with rice !!! And of course i can't wait till i get home so i eat it in the car, It was so much food for me!! I took 3 days to eat. XD
Thats the red box and on the right are some of the newest movies. We rent three horror movies: seance: the summoning(this was a very very good movie I love it),  back from hell( It was not good !), No tell motel ( we didn't watch it until now).

My babe and me (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)

Xd my messy stuff is overall  u can see my brush, my bag, my coca cola ...XD!! My babe and me joking ! (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!

We bought a black light. And I looked so strange in it. My hair looks orange and my whole hime outfit glow - epecially my hair bow XD !!
So scary XD

Today's Casual outfit (There I was sick, its very casual)

Pullover: H&M
Leggins: Calzedonia
Hat: Delyle
Shoes: Jesus Diamante
Choker: Ebay

Today's Hime gyaru outfit 

First the best pictures. My boyfriend tried to make pictures of my outfit but he always made me  laugh XD.. .(○゚ε^○)v 

Blouse: DreamV
Skirt/Pants & Coat:  Liz Lisa
Shoes: Esperanza Japan
Bracelet: Ebay
Hairbow& Bag: My Melody

I wore Blue circle lenses, and you can see my monroe piercing is pink now. Its a small rhinestone *O*
Hairstyle and makeup 

The final outfit picture XD...

Today's agejo outfit 

Babydoll:  Ma*rs
Cardigan: Btssb
Skirt: Eight2Nine
Hat: Made by my friend Svenja
Overknee: Guess
Necklace: Jesus Diamante

Thats it for today, I wish u a nice weekend Princesses *O*
( ̄▽ ̄)ノLove,



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