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Last days before christmas : chrsitmas shopping// Hime gyaru coord

Hello princesses,

hey princesses omg I cant believe tomorrow is Christmas eve and I celebrate it with my love.
That's so amazing. And I am really exited because I will celebrate it with his whole family and a lot of people will be there.
This Saturday we went to a bigger mall one hour away, Because I wanted to buy an elegant dress for Christmas. And some last presents.
And I found a short black elegant dress at macy's.
We had a wonderful day together like always.
I took some pictures for you dears and hope you will enjoy them ! We had more snow now that's amazing for Christmas !!!
The snow is a few cm high. And I am such a derp I worn open mules XD.
Sorry again for the bad quality <..< !!!!
My Melody in the snow ! I have to took a pic with her in the snow

The mall !

at macy's I found some dresses. I liked all off them.
But I bought that last black one. It was also not expensive only 22 usd.  And I think it looked exactly like a one spo dress *O*

I loved this dress too. It was the favorite from my boyfriend. but I think I can't wear it outside because its too special.  I decided to buy a more normal and elegant dress.
This one was also very cute !
My new dress !!!!! I love the dots!

After I found a nice dress we stroll a little bit through the mall.  I found Victoria's secret again and some other nice stuff and took some pictures of that for you.
I love Victoria's secret I wish we had it in Germany too!
I could buy everything there !!!

The red baby doll was one of my favorites but it looks good in light pink to(u see it  below on the right)

Awwwwwwww fairy wings !!!!

I bought that Babydoll from Victoria secret in leopard you remember ?<-- click to read the post. I love it so much !

wooaaaa I found these Chucky dolls in a store called Spencers. Amazing and so scrary! I couldn't buy him ! because I was to scared to have him with me at home xD !
this is the cutest thing what I have ever seen for a baby boy. A Batman  overall with a cape !! So amazing !!!!

We found a nightmare before Christmas mirror <3
And we took some funny pictures at the mall ! xD !! i miss my Purikura machine hahhaahaha !!
 After that shopping day we went to my favorite restaurant !!! PIzza hut ! XD ! And I ate my cheese crust !!
To my girls in Germany Svenja, Clint, Ina, Nina,Yuki, Jessy, Charlotte I thought of you while eating it !

Today's buys :

More Lollipops ! they were so delicious !!!! I have to buy them everyday! >:)

A white long lace shirt! I need it to wear it under my la pafait Cardigan (which I worn that day) because if I worn nothing under it you can see my bra and I don't want that. 

Barbie shirt !!!

I love that shirt. there is a zipper at the back !

And my Christmas dress...
My honey bought me some stuff pets.I was so happy. Because all my stuffed pets were at home accept my my melody plushi.
And I told him that I love cute plushies.
and he bought some for me as a surprise *O* Awwww~
4 kittys !!! Awwwww ~~~~

A dog and a rabbit ~~~~

And my absolute favorites a Jellyfish and a lamb !! so cute !!!!

Today's Hime gyaru outfit

Hairbow, Cardigan: La Pafait
Necklace, shoes: Jesus Diamante
leggins: Calzedonia
Bag: Vivitix My Melody




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